I am my mother’s son. She deserves nothing less than for her story to be shared.
Based on my mom, Marta--a mexican immigrant owner of a small hair salon in the bay area.

For her--no level of video quality, lack of proper equipment, or restricted ability to create during COVID lockdown woul stop  me from wanting her to feel seen and heard

Docu Short 2021

EK Art Galler Exhibit
Showcased at the Mothers of Koreatown Exhibit
K.W. Lee Center and CIELO organzation

“Mamá, ¿puedo hacerte algunas preguntas?”

“Ay... no se, hijo.”

“Me gustaría saber más sobre tu vida. Antes de que yo naciera.”

My mother’s story of the grief she experienced when moving to the US to have my siblings and I left me feeling unbalanced. She had hid the parts of her she felt were undeserving of being seen.


a storytelling creative, focusing on latine narratives and its intersection with queerness--in the pursuit of uplifting underrepresented voices