As a fateful meeting at a Liquor store leaves Damian longing for Izan, the relationship between the two blossoms out of innocence and fantasy

Two latine youth relearn the meaning of love through exploring their sexuality and sense of self with one another.

UCLA thesis film 2022
*currently in festival circuit

 Selected for OUTFEST FUSION ‘23
 Orange County Latino International Film Festival 
Winner for Best Long-Format Short Film at LA LGBTQ+ Film Festival 

    Inspired by my own queer experience in my parents hometown of Mexico--Enamorado was created out of my need to explore queerness and lovelessness and how they often intersect.

Enamorado is my version of queer love. My mission through this film is to implore other latines to find their version of what queer intimacy can be and to let them know they’re not alone in this experience of feeling loney and not worthy of love. Often times, even once we find what true love might mean to us--it’s ripped away from us too soon.

Queer love often manifests itself as bittersweet, yet we sometimes overshadow the small beautiful details that happen between queer encounters--such as following eyes. I believe there’s a culture behind just noticing people who you think are just like you.

I’m unable to screen the film here due to festival rules but enjoy some of the music involved:


bts photography: Angel Hernandez

a storytelling creative, focusing on latine narratives and its intersection with queerness--in the pursuit of uplifting underrepresented voices